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Online Grocery Store

Benefits of online grocery store:

With technological advancements, things are becoming more convenient to the users. Just with a tap on one’s phone, one can get anything they wish. Well, these changing scenarios affect the buying patterns of the customer. In grocery shopping too one observes new buying behaviour of people.

  • Seamless payment option
  • Understanding Customers Psychology
  • Convenient and time saving
  • Let Customers Book Out-Of-Stock Product In Advance
  • Special Offers & Loyalty Programs
  • Improved Marketing Opportunities

Main Features Of E-Commerce Grocery Apps On The User-End:

mobile grocery app is the need of the hour, since it connects the customers with online store 24/7. Besides such an increasing preference for mobile apps, customers only want to use apps that are easy to use & navigate.

  • Logins/Signups
  • Smarter Search Methods
  • Recommended Products
  • Push Notifications
  • Chat Support
  • Secure Payment Gateways

Customer App

  • The custom app grants users to browse and check the grocery item list of the various grocery stores. This functionality works based on the location of the customers.
  • Customers can easily get the details of the grocery item. They can easily check the grocery store details like cost of the item, shipping details and add the product to the cart.
  • This Grocery store app can allow users to make an online payment or offline payment. GPS is also integrated into the mobile app. Customers can track the grocery item delivery and can also check the Estimated Time of Arrival(ETA).
  • customers can prove the reviews, the grocery store owners can see and respond to them.

Vendor App Panel

  • A vendor app can allow customers to create their profile by adding up the details like the store addresses, grocery items, price and all the other details.
  • The grocery store app can allow the participating grocery store to create their product list. This list can be further classified into the categories like fruits, vegetables and more.
  • The grocery store can also enjoy a best order management system that allows communication through email, messaging and push notification.
  • Grocery store owners can also add up some of the promo codes and discounts for the customers which can boost loyalty through the special offers.

Driver Tracking App

  • The driver tracking app panel is consist of all the driver information, admin approval features of the driver and many features related to the driver’s profile.
  • Drivers can easily get notified by app push notification, SMS or E-mail whenever a job is assigned to them. Drivers can easily accept and reject the order.
  • Drivers can get the details of the grocery store address or pick up point and drop location along with the customer’s details.
  • Due to the GPS integration, the drivers can easily track the route to deliver the services on time and this can be also checked by the admin. In driver panel, the driver can also see his reviews.

Admin Panel

  • An admin panel can easily check the user listing, the number of the users, details of specific users, order history, payments information and other details.
  • A Grocery admin panel can be useful for checking the driver’s profiles or information and can also remove drivers based on their complaints.
  • Admin panel can have the overall control of overpayment management and taking care of groceries tore withdrawal requests, customer payment disputes and more.
  • Admin Panel will offer access to different reports corresponding to orders, purchases, users as well as sales.Admin panel can help to easily track all the grocery stores.
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