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Online appointment/e-booking

Synced calender

Your calendar is automatically synced so you don’t have to worry about double bookings, wrong times or durations. G-Suit Integration and setup with all features,

Easy customization

You can customize the services you want to offer, from duration to price. Choose which ones are visible to clients and which ones you want to keep internal.

Pre charge for services

Encourage clients to pay online directly when they book a new appointment. This reduces no-shows and it saves you time when the client comes to the practice.

Appointment request

Your calendar is yours, so you can accept, reschedule or cancel bookings ! Things might change in last minute so you always have control over rescheduling.


Advantages of Online appointment/e-booking

  • Your practice easy to book from every where. Get appointments even when you are closed or your line is busy. Forget about spending time on the phone taking appointments. Get online bookings, 24/7 that land directly in your calendar. Let clients book online appointments, from their favorite channels. Convenient for you and for your clients.
  • Client experience you can rely on.We make sure your clients have the best experience when booking with you. From confirmations and reminders before the appointment, you can rely on our system that has been designed to bring clients back.
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