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What and Why?

The business model of a Real Estate listing website revolves around connecting property buyers with sellers. It saves time and efforts of both the parties and bridges the gap between them. The broker/seller can also list their properties.


This is a general format odd directory website where the listings are in the form of property listings. where visitors can submit their property listings under different categories for different types of widely categorized properties .


The quality of search outweighs the number of offerings, which makes filtering crucial to a site. Make a real estate website with relevant and easy-to-navigate search filters to give your customers a powerful tool.

Views and visualization

Splash out on professional photography.Verified property photos. Verification is important to protect users from fraud and click baits that unscrupulous sellers can put in order to attract attention.


The basic function that a Real estate listing website performs is:

  • Rent property
  • Sell Property
  • Buy property

Objective Of Real estate listing website

Property websites are an easy and cost effective way to get your property information on the internet, while driving traffic, leads and buyers back to you. Target your marketing dollars where they will provide the best ROI and benefit to you.

  • # Increase Revenue
  • # Save Money
  • # Expand Your Sphere of Influence
  • # Save Time
  • # Revenue from Adds
  • # Admin Panel to Manage everything
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